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Training is available through special arrangements with dog trainer Robin Hunt. 


6-Week Puppy/Beginner Course (Basic Training)

Build a better relationship with your dog through positive reinforcement training techniques. Throughout the course you will achieve focus by your dog when you ask, basic behaviors such as down, sit, leave it alone, come and stay to name a few. We’ll also address that dreaded door dashing when visitors or deliveries come through your front door. 

  • This course is one hour per week in class, and daily practicing on your part. 

  • Puppy class is for those dogs 5 months old or younger. 

  • Beginner is for all dogs older than 5 months.  And your dog is never too old to learn and connect!

6-Week Intermediate Course (Obedience with Distraction)

We’ll take the behaviors and focus learned in our first course and build on those, teaching our dogs to remain on a stay even though we are out of sight, beginning the “heel” process, adding a wait command, learning tricks and introducing rally competition. This course is one hour per week in class and practicing daily. 

Puppy7 Training.jpg

6-Week Advanced Course (Canine Good Citizen)

This course prepares you and your dog to achieve the Canine Good Citizen accreditation. The heel is developed, distracted sit stay/down/stay while learning the skills that will allow you to take your dog anywhere they are allowed, being the very best they are. 


We’ll also work on rally skills, encouraging ongoing communication with you and your dog as you navigate a series of obstacles and commands. 


Vaccination Requirements

All classes require your dog to be up to date with rabies and DHLPP vaccines. Bordatella is recommended. Boarding at Paws Pet Resort requires the canine flu vaccination as well however this is not required for training classes. 



  • All dogs must have flat, martingale, halti or Gentle Leader collars or harnesses.

  • 4' or 6' leash

  • No retractable leashes. 

  • No prong or chain collars. 

  • No shock devices..  



If your schedule does not allow you the time to attend a training class for the 6 week schedule, we do have private training classes available as well. 

These can be scheduled at the Paws Pet Resort training facility or in your home. 



  • Puppy/Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced 6 week courses $195.00 per 6 week class

  • Private class – 1 hour each – held at Paws Pet Resort training facility $75.00 per hour

  • Private class – 1 hour each – held at your home $100.00 per hour

  • Workshops – 1 hour - $50.00 per workshop

Contact Paws Pet Resort for schedule. 

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