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We also offer 6 themed Luxury suites if you prefer your pet to enjoy a more luxurious stay with us. Features of our luxury suites include -

- Spacious 8 feet by 8 feet suite at our private suite area with private access to the suite yard 

- 24/7 Camera Access that allows you to watch on your dogs at any time of the day

- Flat screen TV streaming Animal Planet or Netflix so your babies can netflix and chill all day

- Toddler Bed to maximize your babies' comfort. We also provide all times of bedding (comforters, blankets, sheets, doggie beds) to cater to every ask of your pet.

Suites are $100 per night. Additional $20 per night for third dog. (Maximum 3 dogs in a suite). 

Our suites are really popular on weekends and holidays and book up quickly! Call to make your reservation now!


We all know how cats despise change. With that in mind, we specially designed a Luxury suite option for your cat(s) if you prefer your cat to stay in a 100sq feet room free to roam and jump about. The idea of our cat suite is so it resembles your room at home! 

- 24/7 Camera Access that allows you to watch your cats at any time of the day

- Spacious 100 sq feet room in a separate building away from our dog boarding area

- Couch for your cat to laze around or prop him/herself on the top and look out of the window

- Full size window that allows natural light to enter in the room. Most of our cats love to laze on the couch and just look out the window.

- 2 full size cat trees 

- Radio that is turned on 24/7 for background noise

We only have 1 cat suite that is really really popular on weekends and holidays and book up quickly! Call to make your reservation now!


How do I get access to the cameras? 

We recommend you downloading the app and registering so we can share the cameras with you once you check in! 

Instructions are on the right. 

What Our Customers Say

"I've been a client of Paws Pet Resort for 5 years now. My dogs love coming for boarding, and can barely wait to jump out of the car when we get there! I've referred doggie daycare to friends, and their dogs enjoy it too. Thanks again for your great services!"

-Becca, Garden Oaks


We'll make sure your pet has a vacation as great as yours!

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