Pet Boarding in Houston

Paws Pet Resort has been recognized as Best Doggie Daycare / Boarding, placing in first place in The Leader News' Readers Choice Awards 8 years in a row. We serve pet owners in the Houston Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, North Houston, Memorial Villages and other Houston communities. 

Dog Boarding


Dog boarding services are available for short or long term boarding.  

Dogs that board with Paws Pet Resort receive quality interaction with our staff. They get out of their kennels for walks, potty breaks and play time 4 to 6 times daily, which is included with Paws Pet Resort dog boarding. 

Dog boarding starts as low as $30 per night. That includes all medications (if needed), 4-6 potty breaks each day, and the dedicated attention of our staff.


Add-on's include doggie daycare (temperament test required), training services, grooming services, ice cream or grain-free Fromm's treats.


Dogs in the same family can stay together in our larger kennels. Or book a suite and you can watch your doggie while on vacation, with our video monitoring system. 

Proof of current vaccinations is required for boarding. Required vaccinations: distemper, parvo, bordatella, rabies and canine influenza. 

Note that our policy requires all dogs who are staying for 2 nights or more to have a bath prior to their departure. Our pups play really hard outside on our mulch yard and get dirty quickly and we want them back to you clean and fresh. 

Cat Boarding

Cats are often portrayed as independent, which leads people to think they will be fine alone, as long as they have food and water. In fact, human interaction can be reassuring to them while you're out of town. And, you'll rest easier knowing they are being looked after. 

Your cat will have his or her own kennel, and you can bring a bed and/or toys with you. If you opt for the cat suite, which is a luxury 100 sq ft room, complete with access to music of their choice, a camera monitoring system,  scratching pads, toys, cat towers, windows and cat napping beds. 

Cat boarding at Paws Pet Resort will help you relax while you are away, knowing your furry feline is being cared for.

Cat vaccination requirements: Feline distemper and rabies

Luxury Suite Boarding

We also have an option of luxury suite boarding for our dogs and cats that has all the bells and whistles that you can ask for!


Click on the link below to find out more! 

Luxury Suite Boarding


This is our first time boarding our dog. What should we expect?

1) Make sure you complete all the paperwork (under Forms above) and your pup has all the required vaccinations. 

2) We recommend you bring any blanket/bedding of your pup so he has a sense of home. Additionally, we also highly encourage bringing an old unwashed clothing of yours that we can place in his/her kennel so there are scents that he is familiar with. Please label all personal belongings!

Do you provide food or do we need to bring food?

We provide house food at $2 per day and we feed our dogs two times a day unless you prefer otherwise. However, we highly recommend and encourage you to bring his own food so he does not get a stomach upset. Also, it will be extremely helpful for us if you pre-bag his/her food into plastic baggies/ziplock bags by meals to facilitate our feeding times and so there is no room for error on how much your dog eats (sometimes your scoops and our scoops differ!)

My dog is aggressive and doesn't like other dogs. Can he still board?

Absolutely!!! If your dog is aggressive and doesn't get along with other dogs, he will just go out with humans and not have any dog interactions. We will also make sure that your dog is in a kennel away from other dogs so the chance of him reacting is minimized. 

Can my dog go out with other dogs?

Absolutely! If your dog has been temperament tested and/or is in a daycare group, he/she will go out with his/her friends 4-6 times a day if he/she isn't in daycare that day. If they are in daycare, they will go to their playrooms an hour after breakfast, play all day and go back to their kennels during dinner time, and the cycle repeats the next day! 

Will you be able to give my dog a bath before pickup?

Yes! Our policy requires all dogs who are staying for 2 nights or more to have a bath prior to their departure. Our pups play really hard outside on our mulch yard and get dirty quickly and we want them back to you clean and fresh. If you're staying for just an overnight, just let us know you want your dog to get a bath and it will be done!

Can I have a tour of the facility?

Absolutely! We have an open door policy so pop by any time you want for a tour or call us to schedule one! We do have heavy drop off and pick up times between 7-9am and 5-7pm so it will be advisable to avoid those times. Saturdays are also a good time for tours.

Do you have discounts for multiple dogs? 

Our prices are already extremely competitive for the level of care that we provide. Unfortunately, we do not have discounts or special rates for multiple dogs as the same amount of effort is put in regardless of whether you have a dog or multiple. 

Cancellation policy: 

Peak Holiday Boarding Cancellation Policy: Must cancel or make changes before 72 hours of drop off date. No charge if you call and/or email to cancel prior to 72 hours before reserved drop off date. If you cancel within 72 hours of your drop off date, do not show up or make changes to shorten your reserve date within 72 hours of your original drop off date, you will be charged for the full amount of your original reservation date. A credit card will be needed in order to reserve for peak holiday boarding.

What Our Customers Say

"I've been a client of Paws Pet Resort for 5 years now. My dogs love coming for boarding, and can barely wait to jump out of the car when we get there! I've referred doggie daycare to friends, and their dogs enjoy it too. Thanks again for your great services!"

-Becca, Garden Oaks