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Paws Pet Resort has been recognized as Best Doggie Daycare / Boarding, placing in first place in The Leader News' Readers Choice Awards 8 years in a row. We serve pet owners in the Houston Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, North Houston, Memorial Villages and other Houston communities. 

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Doggie Daycare

Looking for doggie daycare near you? You've found it!

When your pooch comes to Paws Pet Resort for doggie daycare, they can play, run, relax or sleep at one of the best doggie daycare programs around! There are staff members monitoring play at all times. Dogs are grouped by size and temperament. 

Too hot to play outside? Your dog will lounge in our air-conditioned inside play rooms. 

Dogs are constantly supervised while in play groups. Our play yards are contained within privacy fences, removing any risk from traffic or people passing by.

To get started, you will need to schedule a temperament assessment. This allows us to properly place your dog in the correct play group, and evaluate if doggie day care is a fit.


Schedule a temperament assessment today by calling 713-636-9715 or emailing

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Why Should You Bring Your Dog to Doggie Daycare?


Doggie day care is more than just play time.  Here are just some of the benefits.

  1. Exercise & Socialization.  Your dog will have play time with other dogs, allowing him/her to socialize with others, build confidence and interact with new dogs. 

  2. Human Contact. Just because you are gone during the day, doesn't mean your dog has to be alone. A loving touch and a belly rub can go a long way in making your dog happy. 

  3. Supervised Playtime. Rather than the rag-tag bunch at the local dog park, your dog will be supervised by experienced staff that recognize dog body-language and can step in to de-escalate a situation

  4. Relief from Boredom. Let's face it. You don't want to crate your dog all day. But not using a crate can set your dog up for destructive behaviors when alone. Daycare helps with that. 

  5. Relief for Busy Owners. When you are gone 10+ hours a day, you may feel guilty for leaving your dog at home. Doggie daycare relieves that anxiety.


This is our first time bringing our dog to daycare. What should we expect?

1) Make sure you complete all the paperwork (under Forms above) and your pup has all the required vaccinations. 

2) We will conduct a temperament test to understand your pup's character and find the correct playground for your pup. 

3) We will give you an update on how your pup did at pick time. Videos will also be available on Facebook to show your pup's first day of school!

My dog is small - will he be separated from the big dogs?

We will conduct a temperament test to find the correct group of dogs for your pup. Our playgroups are typically segregated by size not by design but by temperament and we ended up with small, medium, big and assorted groups. 

How will my dog spend his/her day while at Daycare?

You dog will spend the day playing and socializing with other dogs in a structured environment. We have a daily schedule that includes playtime, games, socialization and naps. Your dog is separated into a group that is consistent with both its size and activity level.

Can I take a tour?

We would love for you to take a tour of our facility and see what we have to offer your pet!

If my dog is not feeling well, can he/she still come for daycare?

If your dog is coughing, having a running nose, vomiting, having loose/runny stools or not feeling well in general, we do not recommend bringing your dog in for daycare and instead allowing him/her to have a rest day at home. 

We just got a new puppy! Can he come for doggie daycare? 

First, yay!!! Puppy breath!!! As long as your new puppy is at least 4 months of age and has all of the vaccine requirements, he can start school! However, we do require him/her to get neutered/spayed between 8 months to 1 year. After 1 year, if they are not neutered/spayed, for safety purposes, he/she won't be allowed to participate in doggy daycare but instead will have to dayboard instead. 

Can I get a refund for my remaining unused days on my package?

Unfortunately no. Our daycare packages are non refundable and nontransferable per our Company's policy. 

Is there an expiration on the daycare packages?

Yes - our daycare packages are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

What Our Customers Say

"I highly recommend bringing your little fur baby they're wonderful! I love bringing my little fur baby whether it's for daycare or a shampoo. I love this place best staff ever and Jamie always make sure my babies are well taken care of.... thank you" so much Paws ...!!❤️❤️❤️😍

-Christina A.

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We'll make sure your dog has a FUN school day and is a happy and tired dog!

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